Charismatic singer/songwriter/producer Katrina Woolverton works her 5-octave range with flawless authenticity. A much sought after touring artist, she’s had successful national treks with Blues Traveler’s John Popper and the legendary Meat Loaf, as well as appearing with the Goo Goo Dolls, Revivalists, and others. Her compelling musical resume is spiked with eye-popping videos, a combined social media following of nearly a million strong, and a brisk musical canon blending smart pop, riveting rock and sultry dance. Her breakthrough 2017 6-song EP Hold Me Down featured renowned collaborators such as Amy Wedge (co-writer of the Ed Sheeran hit “Thinking Out Loud”),with Katrina underscoring every note with signature conviction. Career-defining Top 40hits like “Shame On Me,” and “Ready To Love” paved the way for more recent offerings, including her post-pandemic valentine “Closer,” and this year’s spirited “Grind,” all part of her exuberant live repertoire.