Summer is here and that means my favorite fruits are in season. I refer to them as nature’s candy. It’s so easy to combine unexpected ingredients you have on hand to get creative with salads.

Dinner time arrived and I wasn’t sure what to make. It was hot outside, and I live at the beach so you know it was a particularly warm day.

I started off by pulling out my canvas, the lettuce. This time at the store I picked up mixed lettuce with a combo of frisee, red leaf, spinach, and who knows what else. The nice part about a more hearty leaf is it pairs nicely with fruit.

Next I added sugarplum tomatoes, slice in half or use whole. If you have a tomato hater in the house use them whole so the seeds and juice won’t get all over the other ingredients. Cut up one whole avocado, and chop up 1/4 of a red onion. Peel your tangerine into segments, slice the grapes in half, add the raspberries whole, sprinkle generously with unsalted unpreserved sunflower seeds.

I am not giving exact measurements because that is the beauty of this salad. Just include whatever delicious ingredients happen to be in your kitchen. The only thing I stress is to liberally add some of your favorite “Nature’s Candy.”

What about the dressing you ask? That is the easiest part and one of the main reasons I love this salad so much! Simply add balsamic vinegar, olive oil, black pepper, and toss with wood spoons or tongs. If it looks like your leaves need more coverage pour in a few more splashes of each and keep tossing until you can see all your ingredients are adequately coated.

If you are vegan & gluten free serve as is. If you are a vegetarian or meat eater include any kind of cheese cut up or a piece of grilled fish or chicken and you have a healthy meal ready to go.

It’s summer so go ahead and treat yourself to…

Summer Salad.


Summer Salad Ingredient List:
Red Onion
Sugarplum Tomatoes
Sunflower Seeds
Fresh Raspberry
Fresh Tangerine
Red Seedless grapes
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Black Pepper