Mini Buffalo Mozzarella
Fresh Basil Leaves
Sugar Plum Tomatoes

Here’s how I skewer.

Start by prepping your ingredients so it is more like an ingredient assembly line. I cut each little mozzarella ball into three evenly sized slices. Next, wash and dry your fresh basil leaves, and use a vegetable wash on the sugar plum tomatoes.

Take a toothpick, skewer one little tomato, then a slice of buffalo mozzarella. If you have large basil leaves like I did, and you do not want to cut them, then roll and fold the basil leaf and then place it onto the toothpick. Finish it off with one more tomato and your individual finger food tomato caprese skewer is ready to eat.

Make as many as you think you will need. This recipe is great for finger food at parties, or a starter before dinner. Delicious.


Vegetarian, gluten free, finger food, no cook recipe, party food.

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