1-2 Yellow or White Onions
2 Cups Pasta
4-5 TBSP Olive Oil
Black Pepper

There are times when we make dinner from whatever we have on hand, and being snowed in helps to stir creativity in the kitchen. There was no way we were leaving the house on this snowy Mammoth Mountain evening and so “Pantry Pasta” came to be. It is hard to believe that such a simple recipe can be tasty but it was indeed, and so I’m sharing it with you!

Start by taking one to two white or yellow onions. My onions were not that large so I used two of them. Slice the onion into thin pieces. Place them into a large deep frying pan, add olive oil, fresh ground black pepper, and let it cook on low for anywhere from 20-30 minutes or until your sliced onion is nicely caramelized.

Cook two cups of pasta according to the instructions. Allow the onions cooking in the pot to remain on low heat and when your pasta is ready and drained put it in with your cooked onions. Stir well, add more black pepper, and voila! Pantry Pasta! Dinner is served.


Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy-free

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