1 lb bag pre-washed & chopped white cabbage
or ½ head washed & chopped cabbage
½ lb carrots, peeled and shredded
¾ cup white balsamic vinegar
1 cup raisins (un-sulfured unsweetened)
3 tbsp fresh ginger peeled and chopped
3 tbsp shredded coconut (un-sulfured unsweetened)
3 tbsp coconut flakes (un-sulfured unsweetened)
2 tsp honey

Coleslaw is one of my favorite side dishes, but I never order it because it is so full of mayonnaise. It became a mission to create a mayo-free healthy carrot slaw. As usual I started rifling through my refrigerator and what I came up with turned out to be a delicious happy accident. This “No Mayo Slaw” is a great dish because it tastes better the next day, there’s no mayo, and it’s vegan and gluten free.

To start off the “slaw,” clean your carrots then peel directly into a large glass bowl. Then add in approximately one pound of chopped white cabbage. Confession: I cheat. Yes I’m a cheater. I buy a pre-washed pre-chopped bag of cabbage from Trader Joe’s.

Pour 3/4 cup of white balsamic and 1 tbsp of honey and toss it up. I love using tongs for mixing. While the cabbage and carrots are soaking clean and chop the ginger. Ginger is really the key to this dish and gives it the spice it needs and makes this salad hard to refuse. I always add too much fresh ginger on purpose. Time to toss in the coconut and raisins. As always you can use more or less of any ingredient. If you are going to make it the night before, wait until shortly before serving to mix in the raisins. If your raisins looked smushed and you want them to look plump and happy, soak them for 5 minutes in cold water. Make sure you properly drain and dry them before mixing into the slaw. This is a perfect side dish for a stay at home Valentine’s Day celebration because you can make it ahead of time. In fact, it actually tastes better the next day once all of the ingredients and flavors have soaked and have steeped into the carrot and cabbage.

Mayo-Free Carrot Ginger Slaw…



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