2-3 Persian Cucumbers
2 TBSP Pomegranate seeds
1 Round slice of carrot (star)

This is one of my favorite recipes because it is so festive, and healthy, and easy!

Start by washing and drying your cucumbers. I like to use a produce wash. Cut your cucumber into thin rounds, so that your cucumber slices are circle shaped and all relatively the same thickness- or more correctly , “thinness.”

Once you are done slicing the cucumbers find a plate you love for Christmastime. I used a square dish and turned it diagonal to better fit my tree!

Begin to plate your cucumber and start with what would be the bottom row of your tree branches first (the widest part), then continue to the row just above it. Each row should become narrower until you get to the top, and make sure the new row of cucumber is slightly overlapping the row beneath. It will give your plating design the effect that the tree branches (cucumber rounds) are just atop each other like the branches on a Christmas tree.

Once you have your cucumber tree shaped to your liking, arrange your pomegranate seeds so that they look like the tree’s garland. Then use a rectangular shaped slice of cucumber with the peel as the tree trunk.

Lastly, take one round of carrot and start cutting out around the outside of the carrot until it looks like a star. (Note: you can easily make your tree topper out of a slice of cheese or bell pepper.)

I serve this without any dressing because most likely it will end up on top of something that already has dressing and I love the cool flavor of cucumber with the winter sweetness of Pomegranate seeds. You can always drizzle dressing on top just before serving, or have dressing on the side. I have tasted this combination with a little balsamic and that’s delicious too.

Happy Christmas and Merry Eating.


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