1 1/2 Cup Baby Kale
1 TBSP Coconut Flakes
1 TBSP Shredded Coconut
2 TBSP Raw Pumpkin Seeds
1-2 Strawberries Sliced or Chopped
1 TBSP Olive Oil
2 TBSP Blueberry White Balsamic by Gourmet Blends

For some reason I really like baby kale… and I love this salad, so here we go!

Make sure you’ve properly prepped- washed the kale and cleaned the strawberries. Check your coconut shreds and flakes to make certain there are no added ingredients or preservatives. Combine all of these ingredients into a bowl and give it a good mix. I like using tongs to toss it around until it looks like the olive oil and balsamic have coated the baby kale leaves.

The measurements for this recipe are good for a single serving size as a side salad. I had this alongside a piece of grilled chicken and fingerling potatoes cooked with avocado oil and salt & pepper. Yum!


Side Salad, no-cook recipe, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free.

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