2 Cups Cauliflower “Rice”
3 TBSP Avocado Oil
Black Pepper
10 Inch Skillet Pan

When this whole cauliflower rice phenomenon started to happen I was a little unconvinced. Then I traveled to visits some friends who live in a suburb outside of Chicago. My friend, I was staying with, Kim, has incredibly beautiful eating habits and food preferences. By the time I arrived at her house after landing I was of course hungry. She starting pulling containers out of the fridge, uncovering various dishes, describing the contents and ingredients. Then came the cauliflower “rice.” I made a funny face and she says “it’s actually really tasty. We eat the same, plus it is organic. I think you’ll like it.” Since I love her and trust her taste buds, and I love to eat, I went for it. Wow, was it delicious.

I think the problem is that cauliflower can tend to get mushy if you cook it in a certain way- which actually makes it a great substitute if you want mashed potatoes that aren’t actually potatoes. This looked like rice and tasted even better. It is simply cauliflower chopped up to resemble rice.

So before I departed their gorgeous abode overlooking Lake Michigan I took pictures of different store bought items in her fridge, and upon my return home I hit up Whole Foods then started to experiment. In the mean time, I had also discovered avocado oil. It cooks at a higher temperature than olive oil so it is great for frying, and per tablespoon, it is less caloric than olive oil too. Now don’t get me wrong, I am never quitting on my olive oil but I loved the prospect of another healthy oil to have at hand in my kitchen.

Let’s cook!

Place in 3 tablespoons of avocado oil and two cups of cauliflower rice into a 10-inch “skillet” pan. Cook on medium heat stirring regularly to prevent burning, but you do want the “rice” to brown slightly. Cook for approximately 15 minutes on medium, season to taste with fresh cracked black pepper, and it is ready.

This recipe will make two servings. Yum.


Gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian, guilt free, delicious.

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