1 Large Ripe Avocado
8 Large Basil Leaves
2 Ripe Kiwis
1 Persian Cucumber
Olive Oil

This recipe is dedicated to festive vegan St. Patrick’s Day food.

I was thinking to myself how cooking meat is not really my forte and wondering what I could create as a new recipe completely inspired by green food that looks like a four leaf clover.  As I perused the aisles in the produce section I began tossing different greens into my basket, I wanted something truly original and bright and festive.

Once I got home I pulled out all my shopping, put it on the counter and started to combine flavors, taste testing green things.  I loved the combo of avocado, basil and kiwi.  The avocado is creamy, the kiwi is sweet and tart, and the basil is earthy somehow tying it all together.  If like my hubby you are not a big fan of kiwi, (sorry kiwi I tried, can’t win them all) then just leave it off or sub it out for slices of green grapes.

This recipe is easy.  It is assembly only and a matter of finding ripe fresh ingredients then layering them to create the look of a 4 leaf clover.

Start by cutting the avocado in half and remove the pit.  Remove the peel.  Place the avocado face up and begin to carefully slice thin segments from across the top working your way from the larger part of the center of the avocado down.  Spread out the slices onto a large plate in pairs to create the look of four clover leaves, use the smaller sections of avocado to fill in the holes where the pit used to live.

Next, add a single small thin layer of kiwi.  Take the basil leaves, two at a time, and arrange them atop the sections of paired up avocado segments.  Take the cucumber and cut a small piece to resemble a stem.  Place it on the dish strategically where a four leaf clover stem might go.

Finish it off by sprinkling over the top with coarse salt, fresh cracked black pepper, and a very small drizzle of olive oil.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, diary free, keto, paleo, salad, side dish, assembly only.

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