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Amuse-Bouche is a small appetizer. In French it literally means “entertains (the) mouth” and this small bite size snack should be edible in just one bite. Other than the “single bite” requirement pretty much anything goes when it comes to properly utilizing the fancy French label.

A friendly neighbor gave me a handful of fresh home grown tomatoes. Two little ones were sun kissed and perfectly sweet, begging to be eaten alone, so I got creative and came up with something new.

This recipe is simple and requires very few steps. Take a small sharp knife and poke a small hole in the tomato. Take a leaf or two of basil and gently place the stem into the small incision. Then with the tip of your finger place a dab of olive oil onto the top of the tomato.

It’s such an easy prep and has a gourmet look. Served cold makes it just the right starter to serve up in the summertime.

2 Cherry Tomatoes
4 Basil Leaves
Olive Oil